Praying in Color—The Portable Edition

Paraclete Press and I have just released a new version of Praying in Color. It’s called the Portable Edition. It uses 5/8 of the original edition, 1/8 of the Praying in Black and White version and 1/4 new material. Instead of an almost square book like the original, it is a trade-sized paperback. We partly wanted to update the content, but also make it more marketable for hospitals, airports and other places that don’t like weird-sized books. Once again, I think Paraclete has loved this book into existence. With the prayerful and creative work of the production, editorial, and artistic teams, the book looks great.

Until April 8th, 2013 Praying in Color: Drawing A New Path to God (The Portable Edition) will be an extra 20% off the regular 10% off on Paraclete’s website. Click Here or on the image for the site. At the checkout enter the coupon code: PIC2013. Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested in an updated version or an introduction to praying in color. Thanks!


Praying in Color/Praying in Black and White News

1. Welcome to my new blog. Check out the rest of the website too! After five years, I decided needed a facelift. The wonderful designers at Paraclete Press have just finished several months of creative work; I’m pleased and grateful.

The new blog format allows me to add color, change fonts, and play a little more. My husband and co-author of Praying in Black and White: A Hands-On Practice for Men, Andy, will add occasional posts to the blog site, too.

2. If you’re in the New Orleans area this weekend, I’ll be leading a 3-hour workshop at Christ Church, Covington, LA on Saturday morning, March 10. Click here for more info. Tell your Louisiana friends to come pray.

Christmas Present Idea 2

Disclaimer or maybe it’s a Claimer: Christmas Present Idea 2 is self-promotional. With Christmas Present Idea 1 from December 9, I have absolutely no personal or economic stake. With this one I do. I want people to like it and I wouldn’t shun the $1 I get if someone buys it.

But that’s not just the reason I recommend Praying in Black and White: A Hands-On Practice for Men. If you are as stuck as I am for gifts for the men (and women) in your life, this might be a good stocking-stuffer. So here are some reasons to buy the book:


  • fits in a suit pocket or a fairly small purse (or a Christmas stocking)
  • costs $15 or less—depending on where you buy it.
  • is an invitation for men to pray when their words won’t come and they can’t sit still.
  • is a little tool kit for active prayer.
  • honors “guyness,” but can also appeal to women.
  • has short chapters and takes about an hour to read cover-to-cover.

Buy a marble-composition notebook (plain or graph paper) or a not too fancy sketchpad, a black pen and Praying in Black and White: A Hands-On Practice for Men . The trio becomes a full-fledged under-the-Christmas-tree gift. And it just might be an all-year boost to someone’s prayer life.

You can purchase the book at all of the usual online places. The image below will take you to the publisher Paraclete’s website.

Praying in Black and White

Several years ago, my husband Andy and I noticed that the ratio of men to women in my Praying in Color Workshops® was a little low. For every fifteen to twenty women, there was one man. That seemed strange because we think praying with pen and markers in hand is a good fit for many men’s temperaments. It is concrete, physical, and practical. It is a process and a product—a prayer time and a prayer drawing.

So we wrote Praying in Black and White: A Hands -On Practice for Men, published by Paraclete Press. Maybe the title seems corny, passé, or sexist. The book is designed for men (or women) who are unlikely to tote around pink, yellow, and mauve markers. The practice uses only pen and paper and encourages drawing/praying anytime, any place.  But more than the specifics of what drawing implement to use, it’s a special invitation for men who see prayer as just the gift or parlance of women. It’s an attempt to invite men who have relinquished their power as pray-ers back to the prayer table. Praying in Black and White has simple, step-by-step instructions for praying for others, for praying Scripture, for praying with the breath…. For people who might be embarrassed about reading a book on prayer, the black cover and paperback-size make it innocuous and pocket-ready.

Praying in Black and White: A Hands -On Practice for Men is available through all the usual suspects: Paraclete Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Indie Bound–but not Borders :-(

If anyone is in Memphis on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, The Episcopal Bookshop is hosting an Open House from 10AM-6PM. Andy will sign books from 4:30-6 on Wednesday afternoon.