Workshops include:

  1. Praying
  2. Singing
  3. Warming-Up
  4. Doodling
  5. Learning a new way to pray for others
  6. Praying Scripture
  7. Experimenting
  8. Discovering a Breath Prayer
  9. Having fun
  10. Being serious
  11. Being quiet
  12. Talking
  13. Honoring different paths to God for different learning styles
  14. Sitting in the presence of God with open hearts
  15. Creating community

Praying in Color® or Praying in Black and White workshops create a safe place to experiment with new ways of praying. Most participants discover at least one prayer form that works well for them. We like to say that we come together both to PRAY and to PLAY. Prayer and play have a common starting place. Both are about becoming like courageous children and setting aside the inhibitions that require us to look good or be perfect. We are not out to impress anyone—including God.

The format for a Praying in Color® or Praying in Black and White Workshop can be anything from 45 minutes to a weekend retreat at churches, women’s and men’s groups, and conferences across the country. For information email Sybil.

2021 Events

February 20, Saturday 10AM -12PM EST
Praying in Color Lenten Workshop–Zoom
Sponsored by St. Pauls’ Episcopal Church Wilmington, NC

Maybe you love color.  Maybe you hunger to know God better.  Maybe you are a visual or kinesthetic learner or a word weary pray-er.  Sybil MacBeth will lead us in “Praying in Color.” This active, meditative, playful prayer practice could change the way that you pray.  No artistic skill is required.  Materials needed for the workshop are colored pencils or markers, black pen (rollerball best) and paper. The first 15 reservations will receive a free Color Kit.

  • Saturday, Feb. 20, 10 a.m. to noon here via Zoom
  • Reservations here via Eventbrite
  • First 15 reservations receive Color Kit with materials for workshop
  • Materials needed:  paper, colored pencils or markers, black ink pen (rollerball best)

Sybil MacBeth is a dynamic and engaging leader for the process of learning about visual prayer tools. She used music as the thread that wove an intergenerational Sunday School hour for families with about 200 in attendance into a memorable experience with reviews that claimed her as “top-notch.”

Connie Denninger

Family Life Educator, Visual Faith Coach

My personal favorite thing about Sybil’s workshop is that it has been and will continue to be practical for ME. Most of the time when I go to conferences or retreats, I am concentrating on what I will bring back for OTHERS to use, learn from, or experience. I rarely think about how it impacts me as a child of God. So, what she offers is perfect. It is playful and a little out of the box. I think the use of scripture, dance, color, word and silence is just what most of us professionals need to reconnect with why we do what we do and the Who we do it with.

Rev. Debby Fox

Pastor of Christian Education and Discipleship, First United Methodist Church, Gainesville, GA

Sybil is REALLY GOOD at what she does. At our workshop she paved the perfect path into comfort and then depth. She used graphics and tradition and creativity and humor all in the service of nurturing those very things in the rest of us. It’s all gentle (as much involving Great Spirit is) and a subtle connection was forwarded in all of us. She got rave reviews from the participants.

Rev. Carleton Bakkum

Rector of Grace Episcopal Church, Yorktown, VA

Sybil is one of those rare presenters who can work with people of every age, even when they’re all in the room at the same time! I’ll always remember our Fellowship Hall packed with families with children of all ages. During our prayer time it was absolutely quiet, as each of them prayed in color on paper with markers and crayons in hand. Sybil’s down-to-earth style really connects with people and helps “spiritual-ADD” people like me have a very fulfilling prayer life.

Rev. Dr. John Denninger

President of LCMS Southeastern District