A Joyous Easter!

Apr 7, 2012

“Hallelujah, Christ is risen. The Lord is risen indeed!”

Children in the church I attend bring flowers on Easter Sunday and cover a box-shaped or palm-frond cross with colorful blossoms.The children participate in the transformation of the cross from a tool of hatred to a symbol of victory and love.

This drawing below reminds me of the children’s crosses. When I look at the picture I want to call it Love Crucified, Arose–the title of a resurrection song by Michael Card.

 My friend Connie gave me the stencils (by Pebbles) I used to draw the flowers. She incorporates stencils as part of the way she prays in color. For the art-challenged like I am, this can be a non-threatening way to get started.



  1. The cross is so beautiful covered in flowers. How do they attach the flowers to the cross? Very lovely!

    • When the children put the flowers on the cross, it was almost horizontal on the floor. They processed in and just pushed the flowers into the fronds. I think there was a chicken wire frame under the palm fronds. When the cross was raised up, a bunch of the flowers fell out. So some of the adults helped to push them back in. The cross was 8 feet tall. It wasn’t a perfect design, but the flowers stayed in after the adults helped. Maybe the wire needed to have smaller holes.

  2. Both crosses are beautiful and Michael Card is a favourite performer of mine!


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