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Feb 11, 2010

This is my first post since December 31. For most of 2009 I wrote The Prayer Blog for the website The Purpose Driven Connection. As of today the posts are still accessible on the site.

Six weeks away from blogging taught me six (more or less) things about blogging:
1) I needed a vacation from a year of almost daily writing for the public eye.

2) Writing down what’s tumbling around my brain keeps me from obsessing about it.

3) Paying attention is a spiritual practice that requires practice. Writing keeps my eyes and ears open. Open eyes and ears keep me writing.

4)  My posts don’t need to be Pulitzer Prize winners. When I adopt such a perfectionist expectation, nothing ends up on the paper.

5) Often I don’t know what I’m thinking until I see my scrambled thoughts and words emerge on the paper or computer screen.

6) Words sometimes fail me: in conversation, in writing, and in prayer. Walking, sitting, rocking, dancing, and doodling are non-verbal ways for me to pay attention.

My writing and drawings are the spiritual and prayer musings of one hungry pilgrim on an imperfect journey with Jesus. I’ll post these musings when the spirit moves–I hope it will often be the Holy Spirit! Thanks for reading.

Sybil MacBeth ©2010


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