Back to the Basics of Praying in Color

Apr 7, 2016

Praying in Color started for me as a way to pray for others. Then it morphed into a way to give thanks, confess, complain, be with scripture, spend time with God…. These variations have all been helpful to me. But the most instinctual reason I pray is a gut cry for help with my own life and the lives of others. “Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.”–Psalm 102:1 KJV

So here is one of those gut prayers to God for help, when my “cry” cannot even find the right words to say. First I drew a northwest to southeast curvy line and added two doodles with the name of God in them. Starting with God reminds me where to put my focus. Then I drew a doodle for each person. This is not intended as an art project. It is a collection of shapes, lines, dots, marks, and color to give my hand and eye something to do while I spend time with a person and offer them into God’s care. If words come to me, I pray them. In this prayer, I wrote them on the curvy line.

The visual prayer stays with me. Every time I look at the finished result, it reminds me to pray again.

Basic Prayer



  1. I thank God for finding you in this vast world of cyberspace.
    I am a Sunday school teacher and I would like my young students to be able to pray differently since they are not all verbally gifted.
    I will do this also in my Prayer Time… God bless you…


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