Beehive Prayer

Feb 8, 2012

A Facebook friend sent me a link for downloading interesting, free paper as a possible template for praying in color prayers. The page was full of connecting hexagons and looked like the cellular structure of a beehive. I noticed that the link offered other shapes besides hexagons and the opportunity to change the size of each shape. I can download a page full of hexagons with 1/2 ” sides or a page with just a few big hexagons. Here’s the link .

I decided to try making my own paper with hexagons using the Draw menu in Word. It wasn’t too difficult. I like the hexagonal structure for several reasons:
1. It’s aesthetically pleasing to my mathematical eye.
2. It is efficient in terms of space. The pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.
3. My prayer can grow. Tomorrow or later this week, I can pray for other people in the empty cells.
4.  The honeycomb structure of a beehive is a spread of hexagons. I like to think that all of us in our joys and sorrows are in this cosmic hive together.

Thanks for this idea, Darla.