Blessing Prayer Template

Jun 9, 2020

Below is a template for creating a blessing prayer. See my post about blessing prayers from June 5. The “arms” on the template can hold the words of the blessing. If you run out of arms, you can use some of the other spaces for more words. Color and say the prayers to yourself or out loud. Or just sit in the quiet with the blessings as a backdrop for a silent time with God. Add more doodles, lines, arcs, marks…to the existing ones. Next to the blank template is an example of a partially filled-in blessing prayer.

Download the blank template by clicking on the word .jpg or .pdf. below the picture.

Blessing Template .jpg

Blessing Template .pdf


Please let me know if the blank template is too gray.  I have been trying to fix that! Thanks.

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  1. How creative! Thank you for posting this.


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