Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas

Dec 26, 2014

Violating my own Suggestion Restriction pact with myself, here is a  Suggestion: Celebrate Christmas for the full 12 Days. If you are a family of many or only one, plan some intentional special activity each day. Mark it on the calendar. The activity does not have to be elaborate, just something to honor the Christmas holiday, even if you are back to a regular work schedule.  If you have children, do something simple together as a family each day: make popcorn, sing Christmas carols, sit around the Christmas tree and choose a favorite ornament, play a game, talk about where to send end-of-the-year giving, take a walk, go to the zoo,….

My husband and I no longer have children at home, so it takes some nudging to give ourselves permission to schedule playtime/celebratory time together. Here are our first three days. We actually did take a walk on Christmas morning in the snow. It was 15º, invigorating, and beautiful. Tomorrow we will spend hours at the airport and on a plane. It would be easy for us to get absorbed in our own work distractions, but we plan to tackle a NYTimes crossword puzzle together. We will also fill in a few more days on our calendar.

Twelve Days of Christmas--First Three Lighter


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