Count Your Blessings in Color–a Thanksgiving (and every day) Gratitude Coloring Book

Oct 26, 2016

If you are looking for a Thanksgiving gift for friends, family members, or Thanksgiving Day hosts, consider Paraclete Press’s new coloring book called Count Your Blessings in Color. The book is designed specifically for praying your gratitudes and thanksgivings. I wrote the introduction to the book with suggestions for how to use the coloring pages, but the designs were created and drawn by a group of artists from Paraclete. The book includes 28 designs on the right-hand pages and 28 quotations about gratitude on the left-hand pages. The quotations’ sources range from ancient to contemporary–Cicero, the Bible, Teresa of Avila, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Albert Einstein, Maya Angelou, Brian McLaren, Shauna Niequist….

The coloring pages are visually inviting and interesting without being too complicated or intimidating. There is space for words in and around the designs and room to add additional marks or doodles if desired.

As an after dinner activity on Thanksgiving Day, hand out colored markers or pencils, pass around Count Your Blessings in Color, and invite each person to choose a coloring page. Together you can pray and play your gratitudes.

Below is the cover and three examples of the coloring pages. You can order the book from Paraclete, amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the other usual suspects.







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