Dogwood Prayer

Apr 17, 2012

A dogwood tree in our backyard produced only a handful of blossoms last year. Ten days ago on Easter Sunday hundreds of nascent blossoms appeared on the tree. Today it is in full bloom. The flowers are a luscious color of deep pink with a hint of salmon.

My normal prayers are abstract, unplanned doodles, but I couldn’t resist trying to draw a dogwood blossom. After I finished the prayer I remembered the legend of the dogwood tree and its flower. The four-petaled flower often looks like a cross with indentations or holes at the tip of each blossom. The holes represent the imprint of the nails; the reddish/brown coloring next to the holes symbolizes Jesus’s Blood. In the center of the flower, the green buds look like a crown of thorns.  I guess the shape was an appropriate choice for an Eastertide prayer!




  1. Beautiful photos of tree and bouquet. Beautiful pink prayer drawings.

  2. I received two ceramic buttons in the mail yesterday. A friend has had them for years and felt I would know what to do with them. I immediately identified them as Dogwood Blossoms and went to the internet to find the Legend of the Dogwood Tree to print and send to her. I have a very special purpose for these but it is too extensive to write, thank you for your posting it is so appreciated.


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