Finished Lenten Calendars 2015

Apr 8, 2015

Snapping “awesome” pictures everyday was a discipline of looking and seeing for my Lenten “Awe of the Day” Calendar. I took at least one picture per day but did not always post it to the calendar template each day. I plan to add the remaining photos and fill up the empty rectangles this week–even though Lent is over.

My real discipline turned out to be spending forty-six days with the word “Surrender.” I liked the narrow scope of thinking about a single word and getting to know it better. My mind often flits to a dozen rooms in my head at the same time, wondering what to do next. Marinating in just one word kept me more grounded than usual. (This may be the start of a-word-a-week or a-word-of-the-month club.) The two “Surrender” calendars together catered to several different learnings styles: My mind thought about the word; my hands and eyes doodled the word, and my body experienced the postures. “Surrender,” I suspect, will continue to speak to me because it seems to have a lot to say.

P.S. I’d love to see other Lenten calendars if you want to send them to me. Send me a sentence about how you used the calendar and permission to post it on the blog if you want to.

Lent 2015 Resized


Lent 2015 B&W Resized




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