Gratitude Gobbler Prayer Template 2017

Nov 21, 2017

“Let us come before God with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.” (Psalm 95:2 NIV)

For a family activity on Thanksgiving or during the holiday weekend, here are three templates to use for gratitude prayers. One is new this year, two are from previous years. In the spaces within the turkey and on the sides of the page, write and doodle/color your “gratitude list.” In the center of the turkey choose a name for God: “Loving God, Gracious God, Holy One….” Sing or hum or recite the above Psalm as you write words and color. Add more lines, dots, and designs to the page.

Give each person in the family a gobbler template or pass one copy around the table and let each person fill in one of the spaces with a word of thanksgiving, doodles, and color.

Choose the template you like. Click on the .pdf or.jpg version below the template. Download first, then print. Feel free to make multiple copies and to share it with others. You can Share this post on Facebook, Twitter,…. If you receive this post as an email, you will need to go the actual blog site to Share. (

Below the black and white templates are examples of previous years’ completed gratitude gobblers.

A Blessed Thanksgiving to all.

2017 Gobbler    pdf.   OR    .jpg

2016 Gobbler   .PDF  or .JPG                 2015 Gobbler  .jpg  or .pdf



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