Hurricane Prayer

Sep 9, 2017

During scary times like the past few weeks of brutal weather, I am grateful for my years steeped in Scripture and liturgy. The words of my tradition have been prayed by millions of people before me throughout thousands of years of trials and tragedy. They give me a vocabulary of both lament and hope, a way to feel part of a larger community of humanity and faith.

The names in the drawing are those of family and friends who are directly affected by the hurricanes.



  1. Hi Sybil, do you create your own drawings before you colour?

    • Hi Amanda,
      I don’t have a real consistent way of doing it. Mostly I have no idea where I’m going–except for this hurricane. Sometimes I doodle, add, names, and color in bits and pieces. For me the doodling is what helps me to concentrate. It’s more important to me than the coloring. So my goal is not to create a coloring page; it’s to pray using lines, shapes, words, color…. Thanks for asking.

  2. I don’t see Virginia on that list/map-configuration..?! We’ve dodged many a big storm, but have also had to weather several. The coastline, ever-sinking along with some of the islands in the Chesapeake Bay, are very, very vulnerable. Great idea-just included VIRGINIA, please!

    • You’re right, I should have included VA! I wan’t sure where to stop since hurricanes seem to have a mind of their own. Having lived in VaBeach during Isabel–is that right?–VA is close to my heart.


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