In Paris to Play and Pray

Sep 6, 2011

Yesterday I flew to Paris to meet my friend Sally. We planned our trip for eight days of play—walking, eating, talking, museum-ing….but with no set agenda. After our plans were made, a French woman contacted me through my website to say she liked my book. I asked her if she wanted to meet for coffee when I was in Paris. She suggested I offer a workshop and then contacted the American Church in Paris–the many denominational Protestant church here. So on Saturday night I’m leading a workshop at the church for their Young Adult group. I met twenty-five of the young adults tonight at a Bible study. Now I’m really looking forward to Saturday night! Not all were from the U.S. There were people from Cameroon, Bulgaria, Romania, France, Pakistan, Ghana….This is the CHURCH in its diverse glory. Hallelujah!

If you or anyone you know happens to be in Paris this coming weekend looking for something to do on Saturday at 7:30 PM, send them to the ACP. All ages of adults are welcome. Details are on the church website.

Bonne nuit! Il est onze heures et je suis fatiguée.


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