Last Call for 2017 Advent Calendar Templates

Nov 30, 2017

There is still time to download an Advent calendar template. Advent starts this coming Sunday, December 3. This year is the shortest possible Advent season, only 22 days. Here are the possible templates. To download these free pages and for instructions about how to use them go to my blog post from November 7.

I made a cool discovery with the help of my friend Roy DeLeon. I have an art app on my IPad called Procreate. I imported one of the templates into Procreate and discovered I can doodle and color the template right on my IPad. I suspect there are other tablets and art apps that allow the same thing. Here is a practice run for couple of days on the calendar. I have a lot to learn–like how not to erase or smudge lines I want to keep.

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  1. I may do this with my 3 and 4 year old preschoolers! ❤️



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