Leafy Autumn Prayers

Sep 30, 2022

Trees on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are busy transitioning from their full-spectrum-of-green cloaks to their rich red, orange, and gold autumn wardrobe. In response to this magnificent change, the conversation as we drive along the edge of Lake Superior and on US 41 consists of “Wow!” “Look!” “Whoa!” “Oh!”
The road trip we are on is the result of a Memphis friend’s desire to see huge swaths of autumn leaves and light-free dark skies. Most of my recent trips—Jerusalem and Seattle—were long rides on airplanes. This long car ride allows for impulse stops. “Oh look, a waterfall! “ We take a short hike to see the carved out hillside, rushing water, and vibrant mosses. The damp forest smell and crisp fall air are additions to my sensory gratitude list.

The autumn leaves remind me of a prayer template I drew and prayed with a few years ago. I think I’ll use it again. Feel free to download the template. Click here to download.


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