Praying the Scripture with Doodles/Drawings–Holy Week

Apr 24, 2015

For Holy Week I created a circle-a-day template to house a-word-a day from the daily Gospel readings from Palm Sunday through Holy Saturday. I suggested writing a three-sentence story to summarize the gleanings from the words. This idea can be used for any daily readings from Scripture, not just for special liturgical events.

Here are two examples from Holy Week:

The first is from Debbie Detten Huff. She describes her intent: “As I committed to walking the Holy Week’s readings and praying with them, I found that the words that
were shimmering for me were the ones that pointed to first Jesus’ love and patience for those around him and then the love shown to him. About mid-week, the phrases “where is the love?” and Mister Rogers’ “Look for the helpers” (when there is so much tragedy around that it can be overwhelming) became welcomed companions as I read these difficult readings.
Holy Week Debbie Detten Huff Resized

At the end of the week Debbie wrote her story:
“When troubled and wondering “where is the love?,” remain near, tethered to the one who cares deeply for you. Like a shepherd who tends his beloved sheep, he will wash your weary body, and raise and soothe your tired spirit. Follow him. . . he can be trusted.” 
Thank you, Debbie.

For my template I chose a word each day and first brainstormed about the word. Then I doodled, listened, and wrote other words that came to me. My words were a combination of strong verbs and visual nouns.

Holy Week 2015 Lectio Divina Resized


“Untie your hair and anoint the feet of the Holy One with perfume. He in turn serves you as a slave, washing and drying your feet with a towel. For this surprising humility and seeming weakness, we betray, mock, and crucify Him, unaware that no stone can contain or repress the power of this radical, unexpected God.”



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  1. Beautiful Art again! Wow, I am amazed about God’s good gifts He gives to His children!


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