Lenten Calendar 2012 Final

Apr 9, 2012

I liked the “behive” template I used this year (or as a friend called it, the “chicken wire”). The six angles in each hexagon provided nice little nooks for arcs, lines, triangles, and a variety of doodle shapes and strokes.

There are so many names  for God. The ones I used are familiar ones–names I have heard before or read in the Bible. Forty-six words is just the beginning of a vocabulary to describe an infinite, everywhere God. Even the sum of thousands of names is inadequate to describe the one who British Catholic hymn writer Bernadette Farrell calls “God Beyond All Names.” I hope my chicken-wire lexicon will continue to expand in all directions. I hope the handful of words I use to address God will become armfuls–names which are now beyond my wildest imagining.


I’d love to hear your experiences with the Lenten calendar–the beehive or the traditional squares.



  1. I used both templates this Lent–printed them on opposite sides of one sheet of heavy paper. I used the honeycomb one to write names of people I wanted to remember and pray for, OR a prayer for myself during this time, enhanced with doodles the way you did. And I used the regular calendar to list brief gratitudes at the end of each day. I used colorful markers to do both, and found the practice helpful and life-giving. Thank you for the templates and the ideas for how to use them!

    • Ellen, thank you for this. Would you mind if I included all or part of this in a post? Feel free to say NO. God’s Peace,

  2. Hi, Sybil! I sent you an email too. Sure, feel free to use my ideas. If they can be helpful to others, I am grateful.

    • Thanks for sending this. There are no rules as to how you use it. :) Whatever works for you and your prayer life.



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