Lenten Calendar Template

Mar 6, 2011

If you are looking for a Lenten discipline, consider using a daily calendar template for the forty days.  It’s a simple, not very time-consuming discipline. Here are some ideas for ways to use the calendar:

• Pray for a person each day.
• Pray or meditate on a word of Scripture or a spiritual/religious word: peace, salvation, joy, Jesus, redeem, love….
• Pray a short phrase of Scripture: “My cup runneth over,” “Surely, it is God who saves me,”…..
• Meditate on “things done and things left undone.”—a confessional  calendar
• Make a gratitude calendar.

I like to print the template and blow it up to fit a piece of 11×17 card stock–129% works well.  Click for an 8 1/2 x 11 calendar template to download. The calendar has 46 days on it. (Sundays do not officially count as days of Lent or fasting but as days of celebration. For me it’s easier just to stay with the program of whatever discipline I choose for the whole 46 days.)

Here is a sample of a calendar I made in 2009. (First published on Purpose Driven connection April 14, 2009)