Lenten Calendar Template 2014

Mar 3, 2014

I have added a new page to my website called Handouts. On it are two different calendar templates for Lent this year as shown below. One is a regular box calendar format. The other is a starburst. (or crown of thorns) On my starburst calendar I drew arrows from one date to the next. You can click on the word Handouts above to access the calendar you want, not on the pictures below. Please pass along the link to friends who may be interested.

I plan to go to a copy store and blow up the size of mine to fit on an 11″ x 17″ piece of card stock. (129%)

Each day you can pray for a person or pray a word associated with Lent. One year I meditated on the different names for God. Another year I prayed the words from Psalm 51.

May you have a Holy Lent.

Box Calendar 2014 resized

Starburst Calendar resized