Lenten Calendars 2

Apr 17, 2015

Here are several Lenten calendars in the spiral format.

Lent Spiral Susanne Hukari 2015 resized



Susi Hukari created this calendar.
“To my Lenten reading, all I did was like you said- going here and there. Mainly I added to the calendar what was important to me for the day’s reading or what was happening.”






Martin Boardman15-04-04 lent Resized



Martin Boardman used the spiral as part of his Lenten blogging. “I was reading through the gospel of Luke. Each day from the reading I would choose a word from the text of the main theme of the text and would add it to the spiral. I added the Lords prayer around the outside because it just seemed to fit.”




Connie D's Spiral Calendar Lent 2015 resized.jpeg.crdownload




Connie Denninger prayed for people each day during Lent.


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