Lenten Calendars–Ideas for the Future

Apr 16, 2012

Here are some examples of the way other people used the Lenten calendars.

1. Connie D. read a daily Lenten devotional called Renewed For Life by Henri J. M. Nouwen, published by Creative Communications for the Parish. Each day she chose a meaningful word from the reading and prayed it using her calendar. Even without having read the devotional, I could use the wonderful words on this calendar as a rich vocabulary list for daily reflection.

2. A woman named Ellen wrote this to me:
I used both templates this Lent–printed them on opposite sides of one sheet of heavy  paper. I used the honeycomb one to write names of people  I wanted to remember and pray for, OR a prayer for myself during this  time, enhanced with doodles the way you did.  And I used the regular calendar to list brief gratitudes at the end of each day.  I used colorful markers to do both, and found the practice helpful and life-giving.  

3. Ellen also shared how a friend used the template:
 I also have a friend who used the honeycomb both for herself, as a way to focus each day on a personal discipline she was cultivating, AND one for her 3-year old daughter who colored in a section each day with a different color, while Mom did her own calendar. 

Thanks for the great ideas.


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