Lenten Catch-Up

Mar 3, 2016

Some people have commented that I have not posted in a while. Here are my excuses:
1) I moved back to Memphis on January 15 from a year in the mountains of Colorado but have traveled to IL, MA, CA, and KS for workshops in the past 5 weeks.

2) I’m working on a book that is due at the publisher on Monday.

3) I gave up Words with Friends for Lent and I seem to be staying offline and enjoying the reprieve.

4) I don’t have much to say right now.

Some people have gotten an Unsafe Message about my website when they go to it from Internet Explorer. My website tech people say that for some reason Microsoft had it on their unsafe list. (Probably because it had “prayer” in the title and we know that is a dirty word!)

Microsoft has removed the site from their unsafe list. You may need to clear your cache in internet explorer to see the site without the warning. Thanks.

A Holy Lent to all of You.