Nov 5, 2010

In about two weeks, my husband and I will move to the Detroit area for about a year for an interim ministry position. Not quite ready to give up the people and things I love in Memphis, I’m thinking of this as an extended “field trip,” a chance to study the various kinds of snow and the flora and fauna of the Great Lakes region.

With all moves, I worry about really important things like: “Is there a TJ Maxx or a Trader Joe’s?” “Will I find a dentist I like?” And the number one priority: “Who will do my hair?” Somehow I don’t think these questions fit in the WWJD category.

When I think of what Jesus would do in this situation, I remember what my friend Page in Ohio said to me many years ago. “When I move to a new place, I always pray for a friend who is older than I am–someone who is wiser and a little further along the journey of life.”  Page was that person for me. Now every time I move, I pray for an older friend. Everywhere I have lived God has answered the prayer–sometimes twofold or threefold.  “Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.” (Proverbs 18:24, The Message) From Maine to Florida to the Mississippi River, these friends have stuck by me.

Michael W. Smith’s song called Friends sums it up for me.