Pray and Color: A Coloring Book and Guide to Prayer

Apr 21, 2016

“I am not an artist.” This has been my mantra for decades. But I do love to doodle and to add color to my doodles. A dozen years ago I combined my doodling with a desperate need to pray for my friends and started to “pray in color” by accident. My accidental way to pray became my regular, intentional way to pray and I wrote the book Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God (2007).

I figured if even I could doodle, anyone could. After leading more than 150 workshops and retreats, I have met people who are uncomfortable even doodling. But many of them like to color. So I drew some coloring pages with ideas about how to pray using the pages and posted them on this blog. They are in the Handouts section. In the past six months I drew 32 coloring pages/templates with about 30 pages of prayer instructions and the result is a “praying in color” coloring book called Pray and Color: A Coloring Book and Guide to Prayer. It will be available mid-May for purchase but can be pre-ordered on the amazon or Paraclete Press websites.

Here is the cover. I’ll post some examples of the templates in the next few weeks. Please Share this post with others. Thanks.

Note: I noticed there is another coloring book also called Pray and Color, so check the author before ordering. :)

Pray and Color Front Cover


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  1. I’m intrigued and look forward to this new book. Connie Denninger recommended your other books to me.


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