Pray and Color Coloring Page Examples and A Giveaway

May 2, 2016

For those new to my website, my original book Praying in Coloring: Drawing a New Path to God teaches readers to draw, doodle, and color their prayers. It IS NOT a coloring book. Praying in Color invites people to create their own coloring/prayer pages.

Pray and Color: A Coloring Book and Guide to Prayer is due at the warehouse in about three weeks. It IS a coloring book with instructions about how to use the the coloring pages and templates as a way to pray.

Here are some of the coloring pages in the new Pray and Color. They are a mixture of designs with large open spaces and others with small intricate spaces. All of the pages below could be used for intercessory or gratitude prayers.

Pray and Color Collage Resized

Paraclete Press, the publisher, is offering a drawing for a free copy of the book for the next few days. Here is the giveaway page. If you receive this blog post via email or RSS feed you can go to my blog site to Share this with your friends on Facebook or via other social media. Thanks.




  1. My Spiritual Director introduced me to Praying in Color in 2008, after learning that I had been using coloring books as a meditation focus for nearly 20 years. Drawing my own prayers was a new thing and opened my heart to praying in many other new ways. Since then I have shared Praying in Color with many friends and church members.

    Thank you!

  2. I often find it helpful to pray in color when I don’t have the words on my own. Also I find coloring mandalas helpful in meditation. I look forward to this experience as well.


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