Pray and Color Now Available

May 18, 2016

My new book Pray and Color: A Coloring Book and Guide to Prayer is now available from amazon, Paraclete, and the usual suspects. It has 32 coloring pages and offers 14 ways to pray using the pages. Here are a list of the ways to pray:

Prayers for Others     Prayers for Myself   Disgruntled Prayers  

Gratitude or Gruntled Prayers   Praise or Adoration Prayers   

Confession or Regret Prayers   Spending Time with God Prayers  

Blessing Prayers   Praying for Your Enemies  Praying a Passage of Scripture

Praying Your To-Do List  Daily Inventory Prayer–Examen   Hodgepodge Prayers

Praying in Calendars

Pray and Color Front Cover