Prayer Flash Mob

Jun 2, 2013

My email and praying in color dynamo and friend, Lynne M, sent me yet another wonderful way to share prayers. She has been praying for a young man named Tyler with cancer. She drew a black and white prayer template and then colored it. Then she suggested that family and friends print out their own copies of the template, color them, and send them to Tyler with personal prayers and messages. The last I heard, Tyler’s refrigerator had started to fill up with these beautiful prayers. Maybe this is a kind of prayer flash mob. What a great way to shower someone with Christ’s love and care from far and near.

Below are the uncolored template and Lynne’s colored prayers. The first of Lynne’s prayers looks like a peacock. She says the peacock can be a symbol of God’s radiating love for protection or a symbol for fierce fighting for one’s health. In the second drawing, Lynne saw flames and imagined the flames burning away the cancer.

Tyler B&W 2 resized









Tyler Prayer Collage 2 resized

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  1. What a great way to support Tyler (or anyone needing many prayers!)


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