Praying in Color Coloring Pages

Jul 10, 2015

Some people tell me they like the idea of Praying in Color but feel unable to doodle. So here are three pre-doodled, coloring prayer templates to download with suggested ways to use them. Partially colored examples of prayers are next to the template. Each template is available as a .pdf or .jpg. Click on the desired version below the image. Download the template, then print it.

A. Choose a name for God–Almighty One, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Creator…– and write it in the big space in the center of the page. Writing the name is a way to invite God into your time and to center yourself for listening. Start to color with markers, pencils, gel pens,…. Feel free to add additional lines and arcs if you want more spaces for color. In some of the empty spaces write words that come to you. Or write the names of people for whom you want to pray. Think of each stroke as a non-verbal prayer. Coloring in this template can be a time for just you and God OR a time of prayer for you, God, and other people.

Coloring Template Collage 1 resized

.pdf  OR  .jpg

B. Use this template in the same way as A.

Colored Prayer Template Collage 2 resized

.pdf  OR .jpg

C. This template is intended for intercessory prayer. Start by praying the words along the vine. Feel feel to write your God name in one of the large leaves. Then in another large leaf, write the name of someone you are praying for. Color the shape and its details. Add more detail if you want. Color the smaller leaves around it. Then pray for another person by writing the name in another leaf. Write names in the smaller, blank leaves or add your own doodles.

Coloring Template 3 collage resized 1000

.pdf   OR  .jpg

P.S. Let me know what you think of this idea, please.