Rectangles of Light for Advent and Epiphany

Jan 24, 2017

I know we are in the Season of the Epiphany, but I keep looking at these two Advent Calendars by Cindy O* and Melissa zL. There are so many symbols of light in them that the calendars could hang as reminders of Epiphany. Both Cindy and Melissa used a simple block calendar–nothing kitschy or fancy about the template. But each daily rectangle is a colorful window illuminating the story of God’s breaking into the world. On Cindy’s calendar, the first one, I love the Sunday progression of light on the weekly Advent wreath. The “family portrait” on Christmas Day makes me smile: the gathering of curious people around Jesus surrounded by holly and poinsettia. On Melissa’s calendar I love all of the visual references to light, especially the fireworks on Christmas. Of course, there must have been fireworks on that momentous night!

Advent Cindy O_final

by Melissa zur Loye

by Melissa zur Loye


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