“Silly Letter-People” Prayers

Nov 16, 2011

People do all kinds of wonderful things with praying in color to personalize the way they draw their prayers. Praying in color pray-ers use colored markers, colored pencils, basic graphite pencils, black pens, pastels, gel pens and drawing media I don’t even know about. Graph paper, colored paper, lined paper, envelopes, napkins, plain paper…have all hosted prayer drawings.

My drawings are almost always abstract with geometric shapes. Other people draw flowers or objects that remind them of the people who need their prayers. Some prayers are simple scribbles; some prayers are works of art. I love the way people  have adapted praying in color to suit their skill, style, and prayer needs.

Lynne M. from CT has been praying in color everyday for over four years. Here’s what she says about drawing her prayers:

I have discovered a tremendous closeness to Jesus and have been having a grand ole time with my best Friend.  We share a lot of laughs, grumps, and tears together and with a lot of circles, dots, and curves, I’ve discovered I have been given the ability to draw some pretty silly cartoons!

Lynne has many different styles of drawing, but her favorite one is her “silly letter-people.” Her whimsical prayers make me smile. Even when she prays about struggle and serious issues, there is a bright spirit of trust, hope and delight in her drawings. The passage from Psalm 37:4 comes to mind: Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. (NIV)

Here are some of Lynne’s prayers about all different aspects of her life–prayers for others, prayers for herself, prayer on Inauguration Day, prayer after visiting a holy site.

Last I heard, Lynne was drawing prayer #1550-something! Now that’s a prayer discipline.

Thanks for sharing your prayers, Lynne.


  1. Sybil, I incorporate ‘Praying in Color’ every day on a calendar, using a verse and lately, patterns of color. I also draw/color the names of those I pray for and keep the calendar on my frig. Never far from my thoughts are God and His people! At any moment, I’m able to respin wonderful prayers from the verses that I pray each day. It’s such a personal and intimate way to pray!

    Thanks for sharing Lynne’s drawings. Wondering if you have given thought to a book showing the unique ways that others have been using your technique?

    Wishing you & your family a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving! :)

  2. Just another thought: What about creating a FB page so people can share their artful prayers!! That would be FANtastic!

  3. That’s a good idea.


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