Simple Drawings

Apr 17, 2013

Praying in color prayers do not have to be ornate, complicated, detailed, or beautiful. They can be very simple: just a few strokes of the pen, dots, circles, lines, shapes, a splash of color here and there.

My prayer drawings sometimes become kind of elaborate. I like the feeling of prayerful stillness I get inside of me when I finally sit down with my paper, marker, and pens. So I tend to hang out for a while. Drawing creates a prayer closet that helps me to listen and to sometimes grab a word or two for my prayers. But elaborate is not necessary. Simple is just fine.

I like the simplicity of the prayer below. Each person or place on my prayer “list” occupies a spot on the page like a collection of little sticky notes. The action of praying while drawing plants a post-it-like image in my brain. The images pop into my mind on and off during the day reminding me to “pray without ceasing.” (1Thessalonians 5:17 NRSV)


  1. I just found your site…I have used both your adult and children’s book. I am so excited as we are planning a students prayer room for our school. UK is doing wonderful things…

    • A student prayer room sounds awesome! Thanks for writing.

      • We are just beginning the planning….We will have a prayer wall where students can place their prayer intentions. We will also have a WOW wall where they place the wonders they experience and possibly a worry box which will be sealed and the students can give their worries to God so they can go about their job of learning. We also plan that they would take their shoes off to enter the prayer space and have different ways to sit on stools or flop on pillows. I have a chime that we will hit to indicate silence….We will have times when we pray in color, but we don’t have an idea yet on how to have them get that on paper. The room has a carpet. Ideas are welcome


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