Sing, Sign, Expect–Advent Words

Dec 24, 2018

Below are a few verbal and visual reflections on words from#AdventWord 2018.

#SINGing is my primary learning style. It is probably not in the educators’ official handbook of learning styles with auditory, verbal, visual, kinesthetic…but it includes all of those ways of learning. With melody and emotion thrown in, singing is a full-bodied way to import information into my entire being. Almost everything I know and remember about God, Jesus, and Scripture, I learned in Song.    December 17




There are #SIGNS everywhere–portents of doom, promises of prosperity. We can read the signs in the news and on TV and claim that biblical prophecy is now being fulfilled in both the portents and the promises. This is not new news. People have been matching current events with biblical prophecy in a one-to-one correspondence for at least 2000 years. This exercise seems a little self-focused, a way to confirm smug beliefs and opinions about how the world works and what MY God will do. But God will do what God will do.  More important for me than sign interpretation is to ask “What kind of sign am I?” How do people read me? Am I a sign of God’s love, compassion, and hope or am I a billboard slathered with words of self-righteousness, judgmental certainty, and despair?  In John 4:48, Jesus says, ” Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will never believe.” Current events may be signs, but I believe Christians are called to be living signs and wonders.      December 21

I #EXPECT a good meal and service when I go to a fine restaurant. I expect teachers to pay attention to my children and grandchildren. I expect my husband to make me happy. I expect to receive good things from God if I am a good girl. But these EXPECTATIONS have an unpleasant ring of entitlement to them. My expectations are not necessarily reasonable and often doomed to end in disappointment and resentment.  I  like the word EXPECTANCY better than EXPECTATION.  Though the roots of the words are the same, the first feels like an attitude of wide-eyed openness and humility rather than a sense of entitlement and arrogance that the second implies. EXPECTANCY helps me to honor the possibilities beyond my limited wants and imagination. What I think I can EXPECT is a God who surprises, who may not give me what I want or expect but who makes all things new.   December 22





  1. I love all three of these, but I will take with me the question, How do people read me? Thank you for this – e

  2. I am a musician by training and by avocation. I “hear” you on the singing part! God has spoken to me through music, especially singing, since I can remember. I have Scripture memorized by music. Thank you for sharing your gifts. It has meant so much to me as a Visual Faith Min person to practice my faith by praying, illustrating, and learning God’s Word!

    • Thank you, Karen. It’s nice to know others share my love of singing and visual faith!


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