Twelfth Day and Night

Jan 5, 2015

Today is the last day of Christmas and it seems there should be some appropriate greeting or words of benediction for this day. I’m trying some greetings on: “Godspeed Christmas” or “Merry Twelfth Night” or “Spread the Light of Christ” or “Glory to God in the Highest.” The last sentence works for me. These words are on my friend Carleton Bakkum’s wonderful paintings below. He calls this his Garage Art. I think it’s more like Cathedral Stained-Glass Window Art.

Carelton Christmas Collage Resized

For some people Christmas is long gone, with ornaments packed away and hints of Valentine’s Day making their appearance. I am way too much of a Nativity Season extremist to let go before January 6. And I’m hoping to grasp some moments of stillness and prayer in a Christmas setting before it is over.

If you are looking for some Twelfth Night activities or closure for the Christmas season, here are a few ideas.

  • If your tree is still up, gather your family around the tree with hot chocolate or tea. Have each person choose a favorite ornament or two. Ask “What do you notice about the ornament?” “What makes it special for you?”

Tree Ornaments resized

  • Take a gratitude inventory of Advent and Christmas. What is ONE thing you were grateful for during Advent and Christmas? Give each person a turn, then go around the “circle” as many times as you want, saying just one thing at a time. Conclude with a last “Merry Christmas” or “Glory to God in the Highest.”
  • Bundle up the whole family and go outside to enjoy the first full moon of 2015. In New York the full moon occurred right before midnight last night on January 4th. Also notice the stars–the first navigation tool for sailors at sea (and magi in the desert.)Full Moon January 2015


* Carleton’s art is acrylic on wood cut-outs.


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