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Sep 8, 2021

I have not posted in a while. Between working on content for the new website and living in limbo about our departure for Jerusalem, I’ve been both distracted and a bit lazy. That’s my excuse.  Now, I’m excited about this new website. I hope you will take a few minutes to explore it. Paraclete Multimedia and I spent several months collaborating on its design and content. The Paraclete design team also spent a lot of time listening to my whining and putting up with my constant changes of mind. Construction of the site is all to their credit. I’m grateful for the results. This is the fourth Praying in Color website since 2007.

Here are links to the various pages:
Praying in Color
Ways to Pray in Color

The Praying in Color Blog will be sent to subscribers via Mailchimp. You should now be able to Share directly from the emails you receive in your Inbox. If you would like to subscribe to the blog, you can do that at the righthand side of the Blog page.

Since this is my first post on the new site, I want to test adding an image. The doodle below is my ongoing intercessory prayer for the past month. I started with one name and added others throughout the past few weeks. I keep the prayer drawing near my pen and markers to add new people. and near my sight line to remind me to pray for the people on the page! If this prayer doodle looks complicated or intricate, notice the details of its structure. It is really nothing more than a jumble of curves, straight lines, circles, dots, and a couple of hearts.





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