Jan 9, 2011

Yesterday, I tried to write a post about Epiphany. I spent a couple of hours on it. It was boring, preachy, and full of errors. I couldn’t seem to find the words for what I wanted to say. The post was supposed to end up in the cyber-incinerator. Instead it ended up in the inboxes of subscribers. I must have pushed Publish instead of Trash. I was really surprised to find the new post in my Inbox last night– and horrified.

Except for changing the worst of the grammatical errors I’ve¬†decided to leave the post up on the site as is. To all of my recovering perfectionist friends and myself I keep espousing, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly.” So the poorly written post stays. I’ve missed a lot of opportunities in my life to learn new skills and to embark on new adventures because I was worried about the lack of perfection in the end result. When Jesus says, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect”*, he’s not telling me to do everything without flaws all of the time. I think he means, “Be whole, be healthy, grow up, and get over yourself.”

* Matthew 5:48 (NRSV)


  1. Hi Sybil, I haven’t seen a new post for a while. Please keep
    praying in color blog going. I’m encouraged as you use your talent for God, and am trying to learn to pray in color and draw sermon notes as our pastor preaches.
    What ever you do, do all to the glory of God!
    Blessings. Lael

    • Hi Lael,
      Thanks for getting me off my duff and onto the computer. Your encouragement was just what I needed. God’s Peace to you. Sybil


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