Christmas Present Idea 2

Dec 13, 2011

Disclaimer or maybe it’s a Claimer: Christmas Present Idea 2 is self-promotional. With Christmas Present Idea 1 from December 9, I have absolutely no personal or economic stake. With this one I do. I want people to like it and I wouldn’t shun the $1 I get if someone buys it.

But that’s not just the reason I recommend Praying in Black and White: A Hands-On Practice for Men. If you are as stuck as I am for gifts for the men (and women) in your life, this might be a good stocking-stuffer. So here are some reasons to buy the book:


  • fits in a suit pocket or a fairly small purse (or a Christmas stocking)
  • costs $15 or less—depending on where you buy it.
  • is an invitation for men to pray when their words won’t come and they can’t sit still.
  • is a little tool kit for active prayer.
  • honors “guyness,” but can also appeal to women.
  • has short chapters and takes about an hour to read cover-to-cover.

Buy a marble-composition notebook (plain or graph paper) or a not too fancy sketchpad, a black pen and Praying in Black and White: A Hands-On Practice for Men . The trio becomes a full-fledged under-the-Christmas-tree gift. And it just might be an all-year boost to someone’s prayer life.

You can purchase the book at all of the usual online places. The image below will take you to the publisher Paraclete’s website.


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