Lenten Calendar Templates for 2015

Feb 12, 2015

I love using a calendar template for Lent because it gives me a one-day-at-a-time, concrete, manageable way to have a daily practice for the 40 (or 46) days before Easter. If you like more space than a piece of 8 1/2″ x11″ paper affords, go to a copy store or print shop and expand the template to 11″x17″.

Here are some ways to use the calendar:
1) Pray for someone each day. Write a name, doodle around it, pray with words or in silence as you draw.
2) Choose a word from the Daily Lectionary or other reading and write it in the space for the day. Pray the word. Meditate on it. Spend time with it as you draw. Let it tell you about itself. Let God reveal something new to you about the word.
3) Write a word you associate with Lent–sin, forgiveness, journey, palms, Jesus, salvation, crucifixion,…. Meditate on it. Spend time with it as you draw. Listen to what the what can tell you about itself. Let God reveal something new to you about the word.
4) Just doodle or draw in the space without words. Keep silence and listen for the “still small voice of God.”
5) Write one of the different names for God each day and pray/meditate on the name.
6) Write one of your character defects or “sins” in the space each day. Offer it up to God; ask for help and forgiveness. Very Lenten!

Here are the templates. Click on the WORD below the picture to download. When you see the template in Google Drive, click on the downward facing arrow to download. Thanks to Hilary Ann Golden for her Spiral template.

Lent 2015Collageresized

……..Hexagons .jpg                Spiral .pdf                      Box .jpg                       Path .jpg
……..Hexagons. pdf                Spiral. jpg                      Box .doc

Here are some examples of finished calendars from previous years.
Lent Collage Sample 2015 resized



  1. Thank you!

  2. Lent in colors for prayer

  3. Thank you for sharing these! We’ve started a couple of days early to prepare for Lent and it’s great for all five in our family to be using these together!

    • A family activity! That’s great. Peace.

  4. I love doing this and have done several. I appreciate the templates !

  5. I love these templates for Advent and Lent. I always enjoy doing them and reflecting on them throughout the season.

    • Thanks. Pass it on. A blessed Lent to you.

  6. THANK YOU! I just saw this on my facebook feed and I can’t wait to get started. I am sure this will make Lent 2015 a very special season for me!

  7. Thank you for making these templates available! A friend shared them on Facebook and I did the same. I’m really excited to connect with God through this avenue during Lent and look forward to praying this way beyond this season!! I am looking forward to sharing this with my small group of senior high girls on Sunday night and seeing if it helps any of them connect with God in a fresh way!

  8. Thank you! I’ve put a link on our church Facebook page and printed some for church. Great idea.

  9. Thank you Sybil! I think I prefer the more amorphous shapes rather than the structures, but that’s just how my brain thinks. Your idea of praying in color is incredible! It would be great if you could find a way to emphasize that God isn’t just a male, but also female.



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