Lenten Calendars for 2013

Apr 1, 2013

Happy Easter! Hallelujah! How nice it is to say that word again after suppressing it for forty days.

Here is my finished calendar for this Lent. Unlike last year’s calendar where I focused on the names for God, this year’s entries were a hodgepodge of feelings, character defects, strengths, ideas, images, people and whatever popped into my mind. The pathway format to Easter kept me focused on the day to day journey of Lent.

My friend Connie used the beehive template for her calendar.  During Lent she read the devotional Good News for all People by Michele DeRusha and her husband Brad Johnson, illustrated by Deb Paden. On her blog Vintage Grace, Connie describes combining words from the devotional with drawings and color on her calendar:  “After each day’s Lenten reading I would find the word that ‘stood out’ for me in the reading and that was my one word for that day of Lent. I choose 5-6 color pencils that were my ‘colors of Lent’ for this season. The repeated use of the colors for the whole Season helps me to see the connected focus of the words.”


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