Patheos Book Club Features The Season of the Nativity

Nov 11, 2014

The website Patheos–Hosting the Conversation on Faith addresses all religious and non-religious spiritual paths. It seeks to be a place where people ask questions and discussions take place about all world religions and even atheism.

One of their divisions is The Patheos Book Club. For the first two weeks of November The Season of the Nativity is one of their featured books. There are reviews by bloggers, a Q&A about the book, an article by me called “Five Ways to Experience an Extreme Advent,” and a video interview with Deborah Arca (a managing editor of Patheos). When I found out that Deborah not only has a theology background but is a jazz singer I suggested we sing the “Advent Chant” by Phil Porter form page 90 of the book. She agreed and we did. The Advent Chant starts about minute 16:00 of the the 18-minute interview.

Here is the link to all of the Patheos Book Club Season of the Nativity entries. Please pass this on. Thanks.

Season of the Nativity Cover resized


  1. I received my copy earlier this week & I *love* it! So inspiring, but realistic at the same time <3


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