Small Rituals

Aug 2, 2010

When I’m in the dumps, I don’t want a trip to Disney World, a fancy dinner out, or the prescribed cure of my mother’s generation–a new hat. A few small, simple rituals can change the course of my ill-temper and my dark spirits. Here are a few of my serotonin-enhancing activities.

1 Watering houseplants
2 Taking a walk
3 Pulling weeds
4 Singing a 1 or 2 line song over and over again
5 Searching the yard for flowers and greens to fill five little turquoise vases on my dining room table
6 Writing a note or e-mail to a friend
7 Drinking a glass of iced tea on the front steps
8 Falling asleep on the front porch with a book

When the darkness is too big for these little moments of holiness I go for the big guns cure: I fall spread-eagle, face-down on the floor and ask for God’s help.


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